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About Us

About Us

We are a Waikato based company that supply high-pressure mist cooling systems through misting fans; to enhance quality of life in indoor and outdoor areas.

Zakk Pratt, founder and director of Smartkool Misting Fans, has a wealth of experience within the industrial and agricultural sectors. Zakk has worked with farmers throughout the Waikato for over 25 years as a milking machine agent at Pratt Milking Limited - so he saw first hand the effect that pesky flies and heat had on the herd and the farm workers during milking times in the dairy shed. Not only that, having their own stainless steel fabrication workshop saw its own setbacks through dust and heat in the workplace.

After looking into a multitude of possible solutions, Zakk could look no further than evaporative cooling fans and with that - Smartkool Misting Fans was formed.

With a commitment to comfort in the workplace, the team at Smartkool Misting Fans are dedicated to providing the perfect solution for you.


About Evaporative Cooling and Smartkool Misting Fans

Misting systems and misting fans use a process known as evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling lowers ambient temperatures as water evaporates upon the flow or passage of air. Misting systems work by pumping water through tubing with attached small nozzles that release the pressurised water in microscopic droplets. The mist is so fine; the water droplets evaporate almost instantly.
As a result of this immediate evaporation process, it is possible to dramatically reduce the temperature of outside areas by as much as 10 degrees, often in seconds.

Misting pumps can be low pressure, medium pressure or high pressure. Usually, misting nozzles are made from stainless steel or brass. The orifice at the end of a misting nozzle is very narrow, usually just a few micrometers, and produces a very fine micro-mist of water droplets. This is where the “magic” of misting takes place.

Today, misting systems and misting fans are used in an impressive array of locations and settings. Misting is used in both residential and commercial locations.